Thierry Beclair

Rochefort-sur-Loire, France

Thierry Beclair is a pretty discreet guy who sells most of his wines to the Japanese, clientele who have been buying his bottles en masse for years, and probably the main reason most people outside of Nihon aren’t aware of his wines. A neighbor of Patrick Desplats, who will most likely show up for a glass or two at Pat’s place if you happen to be there, Thierry is the sort of vigneron who never really stepped out of the shadows like so many other vigneron contemporaries looking for the limelight these days. Beclair’s wines feel like golden age tonics from the Loire—bottles to be shared with friends that are filled with the sorts of juices that made us all fall in love with vin nature in the first place.

Chenin Faisant 2022
Chenin Blanc, Fief Gris

Cep d'Hiver 2022
Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon

La Bête à Bon Dieu 2022
Gamay / Grolleau