Marco Buratti (Veneto, Italy)

Marco at Brawn, London, September 2022

Marco Buratti’s Emma cuvée is simply one of the finest contemporary expressions of Muscat that exists. It is searching, sensual, sensical, classical all in one. And yet Buratti has the reputation of a bad boy winemaker whose wines contain scorching, teeth enamel ripping VA. Whatever, more for me. I mean, sure, there have been some wines in the past that had hit the market way too young, and needed time—but drink them now and composure is what you’ll find. Like a lot of written off ‘crazy’ winemakers, Buratti’s wines seem to have become more composed and sure of themselves in recent vintages, and the results are northern Italian wines that don’t feel like much else. I met Buratti last year after I played a solo saxophone set at Brawn in London for the start of Tutto Wines’ 10th anniversary dinner, and like most winemakers that I feel a kinship with, I was completely taken by the man’s energy and straight up joie de vivre. He complimented my music and asked if I did anything else with my life. “Wine” I said. “There’s nothing better” he replied. 

Emma 2021

Proganega 2021
Procanico / Garganega

Anin 2021
Merlot (direct press)

Arietta 2020