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Current Offerings

Domaine La Côtelette
Joan Ramón Escoda
Domaine Derain
Lé Thio Noots
Le Petit Domaine de Gimios
Domaine in Black
Ivo Ferreira
Güeyu Mar

Amagat Prisonnier des Nuages 2020 $21
Sergi Serrano Botera 2020 $22
Portes Obertes La Nuria 2020 $25
Le Raisin et l’Ange Nedjma 2020 $26
Julie Brosselin Rue de la Peste 2018 $27
Mendall Abeurador Tranquil 2020 $29
Mada Khallina 2020 $29
Michel Guignier La Bonne Pioche 2018 $30
Fable Farm Jalu 2019 $33
Sauveterre Pet Nat 2019 $33
Mada Marche Noir 2020 $36
J-M Dreyer Origin Gewurztraminer 2019 $39
Valentin Morel Semaine 16 2017 $40
J-F Ginglinger Gewurztraminer Infusion 2015 $40
Stephane Cyran A l’Origine 2020 $40
Stefano Bellotti Montemarino 2018 $40
Stefano Bellotti Nibiô 2014 $44
Matassa Mambo Sun 2020 $45
Radovan Šuman Modri Pinot 2019 $59
Vini Viti Vinci Grôle Tête 2016 MAG $68
Renaud Boyer Puligny Montrachet 2018 $99

Chez Pierre Beauger
A Visit to Samuel Boulay
A Visit to El Pinell de Brai


Big Tote Bag $30


Bruno Schueller

(Alsace, France)

A few 2020s have recently surfaced from radical Alsatian winemaker Bruno Schueller—even after years of drinking and selling Bruno’s wines, I go into every new release expecting the unexpected. Bruno’s bottles tend to range from hardcore experimental to downright classical and everywhere in between, yet they always contain a sense of artful tension that’s so difficult to pin down, as is the case with all three of these new drops. Pinot Blanc 2020 feels enigmatic and old world, medieval even, while Gewurztraminer Particulière drinks like a classic and virtuosic expression of the grape, albeit with contemporary edge. And lastly, his rare Edelzwicker is a true gift to wine heads everywhere—a juice blend of barrel ends from all of his white grapes, bottled in liter, and perhaps the perfect Schueller primer for the uninitiated. 

Edelzwicker 2020
White Blend

Pinot Blanc 2020
Pinot Blanc

Gewurztraminer Particulière 2020