Francois Grinand

Le Vigne du Perron
Bugey, France

“François (Grinand) epitomizes the artisanal small-scale natural winemaking that we love. Originally a pianist by trade and still a part-time tutor for young players, he approaches each harvest, each parcel, and indeed each barrel (which are bottled individually), as a unique composition. My friend Bradford deftly described François' style of winemaking as "a repetitive labor that requires attention to detail, trusting that beauty will organically arise out of the mysterious interaction of disparate elements." Bugey's climate is normally Alpine, even if it's geology owes more to the Jura massif. In 2020, it felt more like the Mediterranean, with tons of sunlight late into the Summer and early Fall. The fruit was vigorous and healthy so François let it hang into mid-October, just as he had in the colder decades past. The resulting wines are unlike anything he has made. Rich, perfumed, and piney, the reds bring to mind the lower latitudes of the Italian peninsula, set in relief by the cool acidity of Bugey's limestone. François' iconic Altesse and his iconoclastic Chardonnay are equally surprising. Normally characterized by a subtle, floral quality, their heady aromatics of jasmine and elderflower are much less discreet but no less pleasant.” - importer materials

Katarina 2020

Serene Blanche 2020

Persanne 2020

Les Etapes 2020
Pinot Noir

Les Ermitures 2020