Simon Busser
Cahors, France

In recent years Simon Busser’s bottles have become the defacto table wines for most serious drinkers that I know in Los Angeles, though there are still a few out there who seem afraid of the bigger reds and only go for the rosé—you know who you are :). 2020 was a benchmark vintage for Simon, and wisely, held back by his US importer, both Pur Cot and l’Originel 20 are coming in strong and ready to drink now. Also, don’t sleep on Fakir, a rare bottle from the region of delicately extracted Syrah made in collaboration with l’Ostal Levant, and offered, ahem, at more of a Busser price point.

Si Rosé 2022

l’Originel 2020
Cot, Merlot

Pur Cot 2020

Fakir 2021