Gianfranco Manca
(Nurri, Sardinia)

I’ve always loved the large free form and expressive wines of Gianfranco Manca, but after a recent trip to Japan in which I experienced a slew of back vintage bottles (including a bottle of Piccadé 2007, mind bogglingly elegant) of Panevino, I’m more than ever convinced that Gianfranco Manca is one of the greatest living winemakers currently. Working remotely on the island of Sardinia since 2007, Manca makes wines from pure intuition that aren’t much like anything else. Dense, smoky, and always rich in fruit, yet somehow they go down like water. Sometimes completely elegant, and sometimes wild as fuck, but always in balance, always in harmony. Recent vintages have shown a much more early maturity in bottle than in the past, but like the wines of all of the greats, time lets these liquids really blossom into something else. As always with the good stuff, one for now, and for later is recommended... 
Tanka Salina 2020
Cannonau, Boverle, Tintille, Monica

l’Onna 2020
Barbera, Ciliegiolo, Montepulciano and Cannonau

Axina e ‘Ixinua 2020

Storm 2020
Red Blend

AlvaX 2021
directly pressed White Blend