Les Réves Oubliés

Nadia Beaune & Maxime Gros
Côtes-du-Forez, France

Les Réves Oubliés is the duo of Nadia Beaune & Maxime Gros, an Auvergnat couple that had previously spent stints working with iconic winemakers such as Michel Guignier, Christian Ducroux, and Catherine Dumora, Oubliés ethos and energy reminding me mostly of the latter’s work with her former partner Manu Duveau. Inspired by their friend Francois Dhumes who makes wine in Orcet, Nadia and Maxime found a spot for themselves nearby in the Cotes-du-Forez, a high altitude volcanic zone of the Auvergne that is immune from the Mediterranean weather that creeps into hotter vintages of neighbors even just thirty minutes south. It’s a skill unto itself to find vineyards in the Auvergne these days, as most sites belong to families unwilling to sell, but Beaune and Gros manage to work a total of 3.5 hectares of the rare Gamay Saint-Romain, and more recently planted Seibel 54-55, a hybrid that they work with in true skill, blending into their Gamay to fascinating results. 

Les 5 Elements 2019
Gamay Saint-Romain

No Toxic 2022
Gamay Saint-Romain

Leo 2022
Gamay Saint-Romain / Seibel 54-55