Maurizio Ferraro 
Rukend 2018

Piemonte, Italy

Maurizio Ferraro’s wines live in the kind of space where it’s almost impossible to say anything bad about them. It’s very rare that I buy a case of wine at this price that delivers in the way that Ferraro’s wines consistently do. If the first releases we received here in Los Angeles were fizzy tannic tonics, subsequent drops have proven otherwise, and showcase an exciting rustic Italian elegance that is honestly, pretty damn hard to come by these days. Anyway, I tend to love wines of winemakers that I’ve had a chance to connect with, and I was fortunate to spend a weekend with Maurizio and a mutual friend of ours in Barcelona last summer. We had hung before at parties in El Pinell de Brai and in the Anjou, but spending a weekend doing nothing but eating big lunches and sharing special bottles with Maurizio showed me a devout family man, eager to connect with me despite the language barriers, and a guy obsessed with simply making really good every day wines.

750 ml