Etienne Thiebaud
Méandres 2018

Jura, France

Over the years Etienne Thiebaud has become my go-to Jura winemaker. At this point, my love / hate relationship with the now so so hyped region is sort of a joke amongst my friends, who poke fun at me every time I enjoy a Jurassic wine, but honestly Etienne’s reds, whites, and yellows have always delivered for me. Sure, the yearly or so Overnoy that I consume tends to reach for the sublime in a way that Thiebaud’s wines don’t necessarily do, but thats not what these bottles are about. Méandres is actually declassified Chardonnay Les Lumachelles from 18, but because of fermentation issues, Thiebaud let the wine age and then macerated in 20 Chardonnay from the same parcel which eventually brought the fermentation to finish. The result is a Cavarodes wine with a bit more wildness than usual, but really nothing that any seasoned California palate can’t handle, and combined with the oxidative quality brought on by Méandres’ long aging in foudre, this is a special drink.

750 ml