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Marto / Vin de LaGamba
La Despeinada
Georges Comte
Stefano Bellotti
No Control
Corentin Houillon
JM Dreyer
Le Temps d’Aimer
Louis Terral

Bois Moisset Bon Papa 2020 $22
Simon Busser Vieilles Vignes 2019 $23
Portes Obertes Petrinsat 2020 $25
Lé Thio Noots  Rougelin Pourpre 2020 $25
Alban Michel Jaja 2021 $25
Bergkloster Cuvée Weiss 2020 $26
Bergkloster Riesling 2020 $26
Joachim Roque Esperanza 2021 $26
Joachim Roque Brut-All 2021 $26
Julien Altaber Coteaux Bourguignons 2020 $28
Mendall Espartal BP 2021 $29
Maurizio Ferraro Rukend 2020 $29
Clos Fantine Cuvée Tradition NV $29
Adrien Dacquin Apremont 2020 $30
Simon Batardiere Miroir Rouge 2020 $30
Michel Guignier La Bonne Pioche 2018 $30
Toni Sanchez-Ortiz Tuturi Blanc 2020 $32
La Vigne Sauvage l’Insouciance 2019 $33
J-F Ginglinger Gewurztraminer Infusion 2015 $40
Stephane Cyran A l’Origine 2020 $40
Julien Altaber En Chapon 2019 $40
J-F Ginglinger Pinot Noir Sandstein 2020 $40
Julie Brosselin Mata Hari 2019 $41
Julie Brosselin La Mer Rouge 2019 $41
Cantina Giardino Gaia 2020 $42
J-F Ginglinger BIHL 2020 $42
Le Petit Domaine de Gimios Rosé 2020 $45
Bobinet Échalier 2016 $49
Michael Georget C’est Tout 2020 $50
Thierry Hesnault 54-55 2015 $52
Cantina Giardino Anfora Rosato 2020 MAG $54
Le Coste Rosato 2020 $56
Radovan Šuman Modri Pinot 2019 $59
Vini Viti Vinci Grôle Tête 2016 MAG $68
Sébastien Morin Paradoxe 2019 MAG $74

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Martin Wörner &
Alanna LaGamba

Marto / Vin de LaGamba
(Rheinhessen, Germany)

In early October of 2021, while most southerly regions were long finished with harvest, I took a train from Paris to Flonheim, Germany to spend a week with Martin Wörner and Alanna LaGamba, who were still in the midst of picking grapes with no near end in sight. Immediately, upon entering the home of the pair, I was thrust into the world that is the combined forces of these two wunderkind winemakers. Martin comes from a lineage of winegrowers that, starting with his grandfather, made sparkling sweet wines that post World War II became fashionable in Germany. At a point of dying national interest in sugar wine, and after just having spent a harvest working closely with Tom Lubbe of Matassa in the south of France, Martin returned to the Rheinhessen, an area nestled between Alsace and Frankfurt, and took over his father’s estate in 2016. 

The early Marto wines show the Matassa influence clearly, and Martin himself will be the first to admit, more or less copping to his flagship cuvée Weiss as a rip off of Tom Lubbe’s macerations of aromatic southern varietals in the Roussillon. But at the same time, and even then, the wines felt of another planet, of a new line of German experimentation that even adventurous tongues hadn’t quite yet broached. And while it was maybe easy to write off Marto’s wines as fun party juice in 2019, this is no longer the case. Increasingly influenced by Alsace, and in particular the immense range of wines by Bruno Schueller and his cousin Jean-Francois Ginglinger, Marto’s operation has expanded to encompass his ever evolving vision of what it means to make artistic and personal wines in a region with hardly any tradition, planting varietals such as Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc, and pushing what began as a humble line of two or three cuvées to seven being released this year. 

A Canadian originally from Toronto, Alanna LaGamba spent time working in wine bars in Berlin before becoming Martin’s partner in both creative and life pursuits. While the two take the lead on their own respective projects, they also generally work in concert together, in a sometimes intense manner. This push and pull dynamic was inspiring for me to witness, and in the end the results speak for themselves. Alanna’s Frauen Power cuvée, a sort of wine as energy drink and play on lambrusco, put her on the map almost immediately with its cheeky label and unpretentious palate feel, but in 2020 she also shows her strengths as a serious winemaker, working collaboratively with Martin on Cuvée Alanna, the first serious 100% Pinot Noir coming from either of the two.

That week in 2021 remains incredibly special to me, and while both Martin and Alanna made fun of me for missing out on most of the picking—my arrival having happened to coincide with a bit of a lull in harvesting every day—the experience of having spent time with the two harvesting, cleaning the cellar, tasting through wines, and discussing process to no end at the dinner table will stay deeply ingrained in my emotional framework for a long time to come.

Frauen Power 2021

Alanna’s version of Lambrusco as energy drink

Weiss 2020
White Field Blend

Astoudingly good bottle of wine for $23., beware of imitators

Manna 2020
Red Field Blend

The new Weiss ... but red (rot)

Crazy Crazy 2021
Sparkling White Field Blend

Weiss in sparkling form

Pinot Blanc 2020
Pinot Blanc

Woah, didn’t see this one coming. Like an austere slammer that conjures Schueller in a racy mood. 

Riesling 2020
Riesling (untopped)

Perhaps the most cellarable of Martin’s wines; an example of both energy and depth in complete balance, with a little bit of “flor” for good measure.

Al Dente 2020
Pinot Noir / Gris

The classic Alsatian blend of Noir and Gris

Cuvée Alanna 2020
Pinot Noir

A standout 100% Pinot Noir collaboration between Martin and Alanna