Domaine in Black

Lambert Spielmann
(Alsace, France)

Lambert Spielmann is making exactly the kinds of Alsatian wines that we want to be drinking regularly—soaringly aromatic whites with gentle macerations and delicately put together, nuanced reds. A musician and former caretaker of the elderly, Lambert has quickly blown us away with this batch of 2020 releases, showcasing a carefree and almost fuck-all style with a clear backbone of confidence in his craft. In contrast to the punked-out cartoony labels, these are wines of romance, sensitivity and ingenuity—all come highly recommended. 

This is Muska 2020
Muscat a Petit Grains Blanc / Muscat a Petit Grains Rouge / Muscat Ottonel

There’s something about northerly Muscat that takes the already psychedelic properties of the grape to another level, and this is a fantastic example of that—bone dry and beautifully aromatic, a few sips of this elixir and things start getting swirly :)—super tasty, and a gorgeous shade of orange in the glass.

Marriage Plus Vieux 2020
Sylvaner / Gewurztraminer

Whole bunch Gewurztraminer macerated in the directly pressed juice of Sylvaner—a potion of exotic spices with a pleasing back end of both sweetness and bitterness

Adul’Terre 2020
Gewurztraminer maceration

One of the most featherweight macerations of Gewurztraminer I’ve had in a long time. All of the hallmarks of the grape are showcased here (bold aromatics, citrus, minerality), and are backed with an incredibly pleasing salinity. 

Red Z’Epfig 2020
Pinot Noir / Pinot Gris

The Noir/Gris blend from Alsace is one of our favorite 50/50s and Lambert absolutely nails it with this—dark but weightless with a tonic like spritz, fine tannins and nuanced savory red fruits.

Completement Red 2020
Pinot Noir