Canta is a wine delivery service supplying
mostly to the east side of Los Angeles, and
delivering for free each week on Wednesday,
Thursday, and Friday with a $75 minimum.
We only buy and sell wines from growers
and producers that we ourselves drink.
We are now shipping within California with
a six bottle minimum—choose ‘California
Shipping’ at checkout or write us to build
an order!

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Current List

Samuel Boulay
Sébastien Morin
Simon Busser (Deep Cuts)
Gabrio Bini
Patrick Bouju
Nicolas Bastin
Lambert Spielmann
Cascina Degli Ulivi 
Ca Boit Libre
Jerome Lambert
La Lunotte
Thierry Hesnault
Joan Ramón Escoda
l’Absurde Genie des Fleurs
Radovan Šuman
Clos des Vignes du Maynes
Alban Michel
Le Petit Domaine de Gimios
Raj Parr
Le Casot des Mailloles
Didier Chaffardon
Julie Brosselin / Ivo Ferreira

Simon Busser Merlot 2021 $19
Simon Busser Printemps 2020 $19
Maurizio Ferraro Secondome Bianco 2021 $22
Maurizio Ferraro Solo B 2020 $22
Alanna Lagamba Frauen Power Rosé 2021 $23
Costadila Ox 2020 $25

Bauchet Plan B 2021 $27
Gazzetta Rosso Susanna 2021 $27
Gazzetta Bianco Susanna 2021 $28
Le Coste Bianchetto 2021 $30
Emile Heredia Le Verre des Poetes 2021 $35
Sistema Vinari Novetat Total 2021 1L $36
Gemini Leda 2019 $38
Le Thio Noots Red Cox Knock 2021 $40
Le Thio Noots Carre d’Astres 2021 $40
Julien Altaber En Chapon 2019 $40
Julie Brosselin La Mer Rouge 2019 $41
L’Ostal Levant Un Coeur Simple 2021 $42
Cantina Giardino Gaia 2020 $42
J-F Ginglinger BIHL 2020 $42
Michael Georget C’est Tout 2020 $50
Le Coste Rosato 2020 $56
Philippe Jambon Blanc 15/18 $59
Altura Saverio 2017 $66
Domaine Derain En Remilly 1er Cru 2019 $87
Altura Saverio 2016 MAG $125

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This is where we deliver:

Silver Lake 
Echo Park 
Los Feliz 
East Hollywood
Beachwood Canyon
Laurel Canyon
Highland Park
Cypress Park
Glassell Park
Mount Washington
Lincoln Heights
Montecito Heights

If you live outside of these areas, please write us before placing an order.


Karnage (Jura)

Charles Dagand and Stéphane Planche

Charles Dagand is most widely known for his involvement as one half of Domaine de l’Octavin. Following both a romantic and professional fallout with Alice Bouvot, he went on to start his own small project in the Jura under the name Carlito. The Carlito wines are strange and mercurial, both wild and mellow, and I recommend experiencing them if ever available. After a couple of devastating harvests (nature hasn’t been forgiving in the Jura lately), Charles has since gone on to form a mostly negociant project under the name Karnage with Stéphane Planche, who runs the cave Les Jardins de St. Vincent in Arbois. Whereas the Carlito wines were avant garde leaning, heady and serious, the Karnage project hits the sweet spot of juice + headiness. Like a short and addictive song, these are humorous wines that don’t reveal everything at first, and keep you going back for more. While most of the cuvées are assembled from fruit bought from friends around France, including a glorious blend of Merlot and Alicante from Gerald Oustric’s Mazel domaine in the Ardeche, there is also the proprietary Savak 2018, a Savagnin aged under flor, and maybe the most glou glou vin jaune I’ve drank.

Zak 2020

Kassette B
Alicante Bouschet / Merlot

Kolombour 2020
Colombard / Bourboulenc

Savak 2018
Savagnin (under flor)